Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

Our website uses Cookies. Cookies are small files which are stored on your internet browsing device (e.g., computer, tablet or phone) when you visit our website.

Cookies work as a memory, allowing this page to remember your computer or mobile device for the next visit, and therefore helping us to enhance the usability and performance of the website.

If you choose to delete Cookies, you will have to manually restore all settings, whenever you visit our website, in addition, there is a possibility that some of the services or functions will not be working after deleting Cookies.

Why Cookies are used?

Cookies are used to remember your chosen settings (e.g., language, size of the font); to obtain statistical data (e.g., how did you find the website, number of visits, time spent).

What types of Cookies do we use?

Functionality Cookies (first-party cookies)

These cookies are needed to customize website functions and allow it to remember you, whenever a new action is made, for example, language settings, entered text, etc., when a website will be opened again, it will be able to load all information more quickly.

Targeting or Advertising Cookies (third-party cookies)

The website uses analytical programs like Google Analytics and Yandex Metric. These programs use Cookies, allowing to analyze what kind of content is used the most, what kind of search engine is used, etc. The obtained information is used to improve the work of the website, to create more convenient navigation and more suitable content of the homepage.

Additionally, the website may use programs like Google Adwords with a purpose to provide the most suitable ads. Youtube - to provide video content or links to other websites. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn - to offer the opportunity to view content from these social accounts or share the content of the website. All these services use Cookies to obtain statistical data and to understand the tendencies of customers search activities. These third-party Cookies are not under our control.

For how long Cookies are stored?

Cookies are stored on your device until you decide to manually delete them. If you wish, you have a possibility to control or to delete them. You have an option to disable Cookies on your browser settings. However, note that some services and website features may not work. Information related to Cookies is not used for personal identification. Cookies are used only with above-mentioned purposes.

Whenever you visit our website, you grant permission to collect and store Cookies on your device. This permission can be revoked at any time, you just have to delete cookies on your device.

For more information on how to manage your web browser Cookies and how to delete them, visit your web browser home page or you can view short instructions about the topic on the most popular websites: Chrome; Mozilla; Explorer; Safari; Opera.

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